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Thursday, May 1, 2014

CGI kids

Today was awesome!  We got to see and participate in Ken Sviay kids activities.  These are 15 kids that CGI kids sponsors to get them in school, tutor, help their families, get water filters, and teach them about Jesus!  It's mine and Jaime's passion and why we are involved with CGI.  There is a teacher that spends every thursday afternoon teaching these 15 kids and about 15 others that want to come too.  They learn a bible story, English, Khmer(their native language), get a snack, and have fun!  Then she spends the rest of her week visiting their houses making sure they are studying and checking on their home life, siblings, parents, job situations, food, and health.  These kids have gone from the bottom of their class at school to the upper half now since she has been working with them!  She does an amazing job!
So today I got to teach the English lesson.  They were learning the phrase, What is this?  This is ______.  So we went around the room pointing to pictures practicing.  It was most fun to hear them say zebra.  Then they all drew us pictures, pretty good ones too.  They had a snack, and we supplied some smarties!  Then I broke out the noisemakers!  I told the teacher to apologize to their parents!  It was hilarious to hear them all running around blowing their horns to be annoying.  Then Sreyleak said Mr. Jeremy we want to play a game with you!  Jaime had prepped them in January when she came, so they knew that we liked to play games.  We went out to the play area and then she said, Ok you make up the game!  All we had was a beach ball, so I quickly made up some bases, and we had the very first game of Cambodian Kickball ever in Ken Sviay- kids against adults!  They laughed and squealed the whole time.  What a great experience!

So let me tell you why this was even more impressive.  Today is a holiday in Cambodia, Labor Day.  There is no work or school.  And 30 kids showed up at school on a 100 degree day to learn about Jesus and English and see some Americans!  God is Good, all the time!

In Him,