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Sunday, March 4, 2012


Although I am glad to be coming home to see my family, I definitely left something behind in Haiti.  There is so much to be done and so many people to help that it overwhelms you.  I am thankful that I can continue in the same efforts for my patients in Greenwood, some of which need a lot of help as well!  It is a blessing to be in the medical field where we can touch people’s lives every day.  It will be hard to adjust back into the American culture.  We ate lunch at TGI Fridays at the Miami International Airport.  There is not even a restaurant in Grand Guave where we stayed!  One of the guys with us has a child he sponsors who lives close to the mission house.  We visited yesterday and Nana was cooking dinner for the neighborhood.  People pay her a little money to eat if they can.  If not, then they will just pay her when they get the money!  The Haitian people take care of each other.  I think of the disciples when they started the church and sold all that they had and pooled their money to support those who needed it.  If we were only that giving in America today!  We choose to give only our extras and after we get everything WE want.  These people have nothing and still give whatever they can scavenge to others.  One of the nurses on the trip sponsors a little girl who was buried for 3 days  along with her mother and 6 week old sister after the earthquake.  Her father was fishing when the quake hit, and ran back to the house to find his family.  He dug for those three days until he found his wife, dehydrated, broken arm, shoulder, leg, and ankle hovered over her newborn baby protecting her.  The first words out of her mouth were to find the other child who was buried too.  Dr. Bill and Dr. Doug took care of them  then and continue to help out now.  A church in Indy sponsored a new house for the family, and all are healthy now!  There are 100 great stories just like that from Haiti.  I would love to share them all with you.  I will be back, that is for sure!  We would love to take you with us!  Let me know if you have any interest.  If you can’t go, then you can continue to live through our HEALTH team.  We did a devotion on the body of Christ- one person is a hand, one a head, one and eye, one a leg.  We can all do different things to help those in need-more to come on how you can help out with prayer and donations!  God bless you and thank you for taking this journey with me!

For Him,

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