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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mission Work Is Not Just for Grown Ups

All SIX Roscoe's have made it to Nicaragua despite Satan's attempts to keep us away! God has given us an amazing opportunity to travel on a short term mission trip to Nicaragua. We are with a few other families that share our passion in exposing our children to extreme poverty and allowing God to use us to spread the Good News of Jesus!

Today was our first full day and I have to say that my heart is full as I lay my head down to rest. I am content and satisfied that my entire family was able to "love on" some underpriveledged children today. A simple game of indoor soccer, jump rope, or monkey in the middle will put a smile on a child's face that will be imprinted on your heart forever. How blessed I feel that my own children are able to take part in it!

We visited a government subsidized community and prayed over the residents as we handed out food. Numerous comments were made that it was so nice to see American children! Some of them could not stop touching Belle's bleach blonde hair:-) I was touched that so many of the Nicaraguans were so thankful to us for sacrificing our time and being willing to bring our families to pray over them! There are no words to describe the feeling as a parent when your 7 year old stands in a Nicaraguan home and prays over the family for protection and for them to look to Jesus!

God is at work in all the earth...I am so thankful that he has given Jeremy and I a desire to be used by HIM as we journey to some of the poorest countries of the world. Thanks for prayers!


  1. I am so proud of you all! I hope that my kids will grow up to be like the kids that you have raised. God is good, and I am thankful that he is using your family to spread the word about Jesus. I hope that you guys enjoy your time there. I will pray that you all touch a lot of people and open their hearts to Jesus. Have a great time! Love you all!

    Kara Hall

  2. Praying for all of you, Jaime! Thanks for updating us. God is smiling over you and glad Satan's attempts to destroy your joy there have been overcome by our amazing Holy Spirit! WaHoo!