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Sunday, April 27, 2014

In Your Face

           We can’t help but notice that in Cambodia, Buddhism is in your face all over.  From the minute you get off the plane, you see Wats (temples), monks, Buddha statues, and sacrifice altars in front of almost every house and business.  People don’t talk about their faith or try to convert you to Buddhism, but it is certainly apparent what the main religion is here.  Nathan said what do people think when they get off a plane after landing in America?  There are lots of churches around I guess, but they are easy to miss due to the billboards and restaurants and signs that all seem to say to just worry about yourself.  It is pretty clear that we have a culture that is all about self, making yourself feel good, pleasing yourself.  We are a selfish society!  So how do we combat that?  MISSIONS!
                Think about it- missions is all about others, helping others, feeding others, and most importantly sharing Jesus with others.  For some people it takes going to a foreign country to see poverty at its worst.  But most of us can do missions every day right where we work and play and go to school.  Most of the world is worse off than we are, and everyone needs our Savior!  So let’s make every day a mission trip.   

Make a difference in someone’s life today.

In Him,

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