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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Why are we here?

Sometimes I wonder what we are doing in Cambodia.  Funds are tight, people don't want to give in the US, we need more sales of product, we all get frustrated.  Over here it is even worse.  The stench of rotting or burning garbage is overwhelming.  Starving eyes look right through you.  The poverty seems to engulf you.  How can there be a way out?  And then God opens the door to the Imprint workshop!  You see the smiling faces of young women who have been rescued from a life of sexual slavery, all laughing and sewing, happy to see you come into their lives, thankful for an opportunity at Hope!  Not only are we teaching them how to sew to make a living, but they learn English, Math, Computers, and life skills to learn how to take care of themselves and manage their money.  Most importantly, we teach them about Jesus and the Hope that we all have in Him alone!  That is why we are here.  CGI has partnered with some other organizations to help break the cycle of poverty and slavery.  There is a great team working every day to make it happen.  We Can make a difference!  I have seen it firsthand.  Thanks for the opportunity to serve CGI!

In Him,


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