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Monday, February 2, 2015

Devo Day

We all take turns doing devotions all week.  There is one in the morning and one at night, so there is a lot of Bible reflection.  If you know me at all, then you know that I am a fly by the seat of my pants, last minute, God will bring me revelation sort of guy.  Luke is just like his dad.  Unfortunately, Alyssa is not so laid back!  That is actually good for me though, because we had a pretty good devo tonight, at least from my perspective.  Besides me getting choked up and crying like a baby thanking everyone for parenting my kids this week and making them feel so at home and saying how proud I was of them for paying part of their way to come here and caring so much about the poor and being mission minded, we talked about the word Insane.  That is one of Alyssa’s favorites if you didn’t know that!  Luke talked about how insane it is that God created the world, and then He sent Jesus to die for our sins.  We say words like unbelievable and incredible when God can do anything, anytime, anywhere.  Then Alyssa talked about poverty and how insane it is how most of the world lives.  Americans waste so much and don’t help the poor like the Bible says to do.  It’s insane that we are adopting a child from another country-Haiti-and adding to our family after so many years(well Jaime is insane since she will have to take care of him).  God is so awesome, and we sometimes get caught up in the little things of life and forget how great he is.
We got to spend time with our sponsor kids today!  They have gotten so big.  Momma Patricia is pregnant again!  She asked us to pray that her boyfriend will marry her!  She is the one we are building the house for this year.  The kids and Charlotte helped build the house this morning.  Block wall day, which means they carried and hoisted a lot of blocks.  We will do the dedication on Friday.
Our other family came to church yesterday!  What a blessing to see them with their new outfits on.  Federline sat on my lap the whole church service.  Only three of the kids came though.  I asked momma Claire where the others were, and she told us they didn’t have nice shoes to come to church.  I was heartbroken that we didn’t give them the bag of shoes yet that we brought.  Simple little things that we never think of.  They feel like they are not honoring God if they don’t dress up for church in their very best.  I pray we can always give God our very best at whatever we do!
Luke is digging surgery!  Not like surgery back home, mostly taking out lipomas(fatty tumors) and cysts, not too major.  But he likes it nevertheless.  They told me today he was in there watching Dr. Bill take out a lipoma.  Afterward, they were going to pray for the lady and Luke said I’ll do it!  He whipped out a heartfelt prayer for her like it was no big deal and he does it all the time.  I almost cried when I heard about it.  They were impressed by his genuine prayer and courage to pray in front of all those adults!  Me too!  This easily beats anything they could be learning in school!
Insane for Jesus,


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