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Friday, February 6, 2015

Last Goodbyes

I am exhausted!  What a long week.  I know why I only work 4 days at home.  I am physically and mentally spent.  Today I only saw about 20 patients thankfully.  Throw one more circ in to make an even dozen this week!  And that was all by 10am. 
We got to dedicate the house we built for our other sponsor family.  It was a blessing to see how thankful the family is, although we can’t get the twins to smile for anything.  They come to us and let us pick them up and hug, but they won’t crack even a grin.  Maybe next year.  I told you earlier in the week that the mom is pregnant.  Well today she told us there are triplets!  We are not sure about the ultrasound techs at the hospital she went to, but if it is true then this will be a difficult one.  Triplets rarely survive in Haiti, so keep her in your prayers please!  The kids were wearing the new clothes we gave them, and I was able to show mom the water filter we brought from Jaime’s dad and Jane. They were pretty excited about that!
Then this afternoon we maneuvered to get Emmanuel to translate for us when our other sponsored kids came.  Mom only brought Fedna and the twins, so we walked them back home.  It is probably a mile to their house from Lifeline with the last quarter mile uphill.  They were so happy to see us.  Johnny and Natalie were there too, but Francesca was out playing.  They sang for us and the kids played for a while as I was talking with Claire.  She said they hadn’t eaten for the last 2 days.  She hasn’t been able to find any shoes to sell at the market, and her brother who helps them has not been able to find work either.  It broke my heart!  I gave her the money from the girls at the office, and she started to cry and just gave me a huge hug.  I told her that we will never leave her or stop supporting her family as long as she needs us.  We will need to get a table and chairs and 2 sets of bunk beds for them.  Extra food each month would help too.  I told her we would pay for her oldest kids to go to English class so they can be interpreters someday! (and talk to us)  It was such a blessing.  As we left, I gave them a can of peanuts and some gum, which is all I had left of the snacks we brought.  Like I really needed any of them for myself.  I was thinking she could sell any of the shoes or clothes that didn’t fit, but Emmanuel put me in my place.  He told Claire that she should give them to others who don’t have any clothes since they were given to her from us!  He has amazed me all trip with his wisdom and generosity toward his people.  I feel bad I don’t have more to leave with him to give out to his church body.
This is why I come here.  I learn lessons about faith and God each time I travel to other countries.  The people look at things differently than us.  They always tell us how much they appreciate us just coming down and showing God’s love to their people.  The say they have nothing to give back except prayer and love-I’ll take it!  Charlotte and Thomas, our friends from church have been here with us.  They have been fun!  All the translators love Thomas.  He cracks them up.  Charlotte has fit right in like a veteran.  She has pulled a tooth, taken out a lipoma including stitching up the hole, went into the bush to treat sick people that couldn’t come to clinic, built houses, visited her sponsored child’s home, and worked clinic even seeing some patients on her own!
It’s been a great trip.  Everyone keeps saying, “Where is your wife?  When will she be back?”  Reminds me of Cambodia!  I don’t know why she wasn’t feeling like God wanted her here this year, but I respect her prayerful consideration and listening to God.  Another veteran named Dr. Dana did not come this year either.  She felt like God wanted her to stay home with her sick mother.  We found out on Tuesday evening that she found her mother on the floor in the bathroom after having a stroke.  She was able to call 911 and get her to the hospital.  Yesterday we learned that her mother passed away.  If she had been in Haiti there would have been no way for her to get back home to see her mother before she died!  What a powerful lesson on listening to the Holy Spirit.  Keep her in your prayers please.
It’s always bitter sweet leaving, but I really miss my family.  I can’t wait until we can all come together as Belle and Blake get older!  There are tons of other stories to tell, but I won’t bore you anymore.  Ask me when I get back if you want to hear them!

For Him,


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