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Monday, April 2, 2012

Alyssa's view

This is Alyssa, the oldest Roscoe child. My mom asked if I wanted to write the blog entry tonight and I agreed to tell you about my day. Today we visited a children's hospital to visit some kids in a cancer ward. It truly was a life changing experience. I met some amazing kids! There was one girl who was 6 yrs old who had throat cancer and AIDS. The doctor said that she is in so much pain that most kids would be crying, but she was so brave that she didn't cry. It was really hard to see her mother in the room crying for her though. She has been there for 7-9 months and in a room with no air conditioning or TV. It made me think how grateful we are to live in the United States. I wish I could have helped her so much more than handing her a coloring book. We prayed for her and I hope God will help her be in less pain and show her that He is with her all the time.

We have also been hanging out at an orphanage and helping paint a school. When I was trying to get to know the girls at the orphanage, I asked to paint their nails. After I painted some of the girls' nails, one of them wanted to paint mine. I liked it so much more when she painted mine than when I painted hers.

God is really showing me how much the kids just want to play with us. Even though we can't talk, it is still easy to interact with them.


  1. This is Molly. It sounds like God is working in awesome ways! I cant wait to hear more! Miss you and I have been praying for u constantly and havent stopped thinking about u!