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Thursday, April 5, 2012

The fun side of Nicaragua

Yesterday we had a chance to zip line with 11 of the teenage orphans, our group, and the 2 groups of high schoolers down here! 75 of us in all. It was a blast! No waivers! We paid after! Blake and Belle got to go down by themselves! We did superman, upside down, and bouncing all the way down. No way we could do any of it in the US! It was very safe, double line, 2 hooks each, hooked in at all times even walking in the trees. The best part was that our driver for the week got to go down with us! He is 40ish and had never been before!
Then we drove up to a lake in the crater of a volcano! After some carsickness, we came upon a beautiful oasis of flowers, bungalows, restaurant, and swimming. They had a 10 foot platform that we jumped off and a floating dock that we almost sank! The best part of the day was when I got to help the girl we have been closest with swim to the platform! She is not a good swimmer and "had much fear"! She trusted me so much after 5 days that she even tried to swim by herself back and forth 3 times! That is the kind of impact we want to have on kids everywhere!
Alyssa got to spend the night with the missionaries who live here and their 15 year old daughter last night! She got to experience real life in Nicaragua!
We can't wait to come back here already!

For him,
Jeremy and the gang

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