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Friday, October 11, 2013

Stay Tuned...

Normally a travel blog starts the day you leave for your destination. We are heading to Nicaragua on Saturday, and it is currently 1am on Thursday evening, and I just can't resist sharing about our evening. I write from the passenger seat of our SUV, on our way to Chicago. You see, As I was packing for our upcoming trip, I went to make copies of all of our passports and about had a heart attack as I realized that we never renewed 3 out of the 4 of our kids' passports!! What do you do when you are supposed to leave the country in less than 48 hours? Panic of course and then the Internet. So believe it or not, it IS possible to get a passport in one day. It's not the simplest procedure, but yes its possible. However, there are only a select locations around the country that are able to process these so quickly. Lucky for us (I guess) Chicago happens to be one of them. So the process is that you must call an automated number and they assign you an appointment. You then must have both parents and the child along with every document that has their name on it. So here we are, in Chicago. My hubby had cancelled a day of patients, kids are going to have to skip school and we are going to pray that the government shut down has not affected this building, so we are told. 
The bright side, and there really is one! I specifically prayed for God to show himself to my kids in obvious ways this week and the last few hours have been proof of that. We have had great conversation and the kids have made some fabulous observations on the situation! So, why the positive outlook when this seems to be such a headache?For starters, we are alive! Next,there actually is a"fix" to the problem. We also made note that if this would've happened tomorrow, we would not have the option to even attempt to get these done. The kids made the comment that Satan was just trying to keep us from going to Nicaragua, and I agree. I have total faith that the details will work out, and I get an extra day with my family.(Along with some Garrett's popcorn and Gino's pizza let's hope)!
Stay tuned....

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