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Sunday, February 10, 2013


The last few days all seem to blend together. The end of a trip always seems to go by so fast and then before you know it, you are back in your daily routine. As I take time to reflect on this particular trip, I am humbled that God continues to use me and my family to show HIS love to people in other parts of HIS world. Between the three of us, we helped build a house, treat patients, hold babies, play with kiddos and more. Everything we did always ended in prayer and God got the glory. It was so awesome to be with an entire team of people that did the same . What a blessing to be given the opportunity to experience this with such an amazing group.
Now that I am back home and many people are asking about my trip, I am trying to condense my thoughts to 2-3 minutes and WOW is that hard. But when I am asked, I give them a quick recap of what my eyes saw over the past week... I couldn't get over the extent of the poverty! There were so many tent homes. I won't forget the smell of trash and sewage that fill the streets. So many people need help, many of them which are stuck way up in the mountain areas. I think that is why my favorite memory will be the day that we packed up all of our dental stuff and went to THEM! I will never forget the beautiful scenery as I sit in an outdoor classroom, straddling a school bench cleaning someone's teeth. It gave my heart such joy to be able to provide this luxurious service for them. The smile that they had on their face when I finished was unforgettable. I often prayed with them that the work that I did would help prolong their teeth for many years. I know God will answer them.
We appreciate all of your prayers for us as we travel. We would not be able to do this without you;-)


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