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Thursday, February 9, 2017


So this is the reason I come to Haiti!  Clinics- using my God given skills to help people. But especially mobile clinics.  We pack up a bin of meds and take off in the back of a truck for hours to see a bunch of patients who can't come to the main clinic.  I scored big time going to the two most beautiful places on mobile this week.  Vieux Cayes is up in the mountains on dirt roads with big rock drop offs.  We get to work in an open air school with a cool breeze blowing and the mountains in the background.  I could set up shop here permanently!  We saw a good 75 patients between Luke, a GI doc from Indy, and I and still had time to come back to the main clinic to see 15 patients to catch them up.  Not too many sick kids but fun to hand out toys and the teens got to come.  Belle and Luke were with me taking patients around and praying for them!  It is great to work together.  I love seeing them interacting with the Haitians and loving on them.  We had one girl who is seen every year that is an Albino.  She gets sunburned and then gets bad sores.  We put her on some antibiotics and prayed her up but the sores on her arms looked excruciating!  She just had the biggest smile and was so thankful for everything.
Then today I got to go to Lazille.  They haven't seen missionaries for 4 years and I was lucky enough to be on the team.  We started at 5am and  it took us 3 hours to get there, and at least half of that was off roading!!!!  We got to ford the river three times- I'm talking up to the top of the tires and totally sideways up the hill!  The roads were horribly awesome, dirt, ruts, rocks- my Jeep would have been sweet!  So we saw almost 200 patients between Alan an ER doc and I.  Mostly healthy people but a few really sick ones.  We totally ran out of meds and patient sheets and pill bags.  We were using gloves to hand out pills in and some unconventional meds for different ailments!  They all got prayed up and were so thankful.  I couldn't turn the kids away.  I think there were at least 10 kids I saw after we said no more! They are just so cute and just want someone to look at them.  It breaks my heart to think they have nobody within 3 hours to see them for any urgent needs.  These kids just die when something bad happens!  My last patient said he had something on his tongue.  When he stuck it out, I said he bit it didn't he?  He had bit all the way through the middle of his tongue and there was a flap hanging there.  It was healing fine already so we just gave him some Tylenol and vitamins.  The day started with the pastor making us some Haitian coffee and hot cocoa.  The cocoa was pretty spectacular as was the bread.  And the day ended with chicken and rice and plantains and cole slaw and beet salad.  This was probably all of their food for the week and they gave it to us for coming.  Talk about humbling.  Well I already started my cipro antibiotics because we had to eat it or it would have been rude!  Side note, it was dark this morning and a 100 pound pig ran out in front of our truck and we slammed it!  Bacon anyone?
Thanks to all of the patients who donated little toys and matchbox cars!  I gave most of them out on mobile clinics along with some amazon toys I got and suckers!  It's amazing how quickly a sucker will make a kid stop crying and start to like you!  I would never do that at home but this is Haiti!
There is a surgeon here, Dr. King,  doing hernia surgeries on people and changing their lives.  One of my patients moms is here.  Two of our good friends.  Two of Alyssa's good friends.  3 ER docs, 2 GI docs, a neonatal NP, a bunch of nurses and even more "non" medical people. We all work together as one team just like the body of Christ is supposed to!  3 of the team had to go home today due to sicknesses in their families and I just got word that one of my office staff just lost a baby. (Please pray for her) Satan is trying to discourage us and get in the way of our walk and our testimony.  But we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him and are called according to His purpose.  Please pray for us and those above that we can continue being about HIS PURPOSE!!
Bon Nuit!!  Good Night

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