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Thursday, February 9, 2017


           Wow!!!!!! I can't believe I'm in Haiti! This morning we built a house for the Burtts sponsor family. Who knew it could be that hard of work!!! We had to carry buckets of rock up a hill and then cement blocks as well. I loved how refreshing it was later to see our sponsor family and see how much God has done for and with them. It is so much easier to see the Lord here when my eyes are opened to this different lifestyle. 
          The next day, Another house!!!!!!! Today it was for the Tillmans sponsor family though. The only thing we did was sift in the sun, then get a drink, then sift some more, then maybe play with the kids!!!! The kids were so helpful and they all wanted to contribute to the house somehow. Later we went to the children's home. All of the girls and boys were sooo happy even though they didn't have much. The girls put on a dance and they sang for us all of our songs in English. You could easily see and feel how much they love the Lord. 
           I can't believe we are almost halfway through the week!!!!! Everything has gone by so fast. We went to church this morning and all the families were worshipping just like we would. The songs were pretty long though, I felt as if they just sang the chorus over and over again!!!!! Ha Ha! Our sponsor kids Federlin and Federlyn and their family sat with us. I love how much Federlin liked Alyssa and she fell asleep on her in service!!! The Lord has worked in amazing ways throughout the week and I can't wait to see how much more he will do.                    
                                                   ~Belle (the 1st timer)

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