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Friday, February 10, 2017

Haiti Day 4

I woke up early to see the sunrise. It was so beautiful. When I was doing my bible study, God spoke to me. I was wondering what classes I should take in school that way I can get an early start for college. He said he will reveal his plan in his timing. I also learned that I need to move towards God's plan and if he closes doors I will stop. If he opens doors, I will go. We went to church and it was pretty long. We saw our sponsor kids and they were doing well. The church this year  had fans and they were so awesome. I didn't sweat nearly as much as I did in the years before. After church, we went to the beach. We went to a different place that was nicer than the other place we went to last year. We went over to a small island and we got some good pictures. Scott got stung by a jellyfish but he feels totally fine. This is such a God thing because Scott was totally fine after he got stung.  the beach, I played basketball with some kids at the children's home. It was the Americans versus the Haitians. The Americans won. After that, we ate dinner and then had devotions. Devotions took forever and they were in a room and not on the roof. After devotions, my family talked with Emmanuel. Emmanuel is such an awesome guy. He met Belle for the first time in person and he was so excited. I love hanging out with him. After that I talked with some of the guys on the trip. They are so funny so I always have a good time with them. I go to mobile clinic tomorrow and it will be my first time in an "actual clinic" this trip. I am so excited to do something medical because God may speak to me when I am doing something related to medicine. I can't wait till tomorrow. 

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