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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


It's only Monday?? One word has described our trip...Busy! When you face the reality that this may be the only time that someone may be in Cambodia, you want them to see and experience as much as possible, so we have been given a very full itinerary .I suppose that is why I feel like I have been here for a month! (Not that I mind that!) But...I do apologize that you haven't had too many glimpses of my journey thus far. I had so many people request that I keep up on our blog so I will try to bring you up to date.

 We just left Battambang, Cambodia. It is the home of the Green Mango Cafe. When Jeremy and I were there in January, the restaurant was still under construction. The girls who had been chosen to be in the program "practiced" their waitressing skills on us as we were their very first customers. The Green Mango was where I first connected and fell in love with the girls. Jeremy and I now sponsor some of them in the culinary program there, so when I stepped foot in there yesterday, it was not a surprise that I lost total control of my emotions! The place was amazing! The restaurant looked fabulous. The girls had grown so much in their skills and seemed so confident. I was told a couple of them are thinking of being baptized! I was so proud of the strides they had made. I have said many prayers for them and Ryana(the 24 year old gal from Tennessee who serves as the live-in chef at the Green Mango)! I am so thankful for The work that CGI is doing in this country and I am feeling incredibly blessed to have an opportunity to be back here!


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