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Wednesday, November 7, 2012



As I reflect on Wednesday, it once again seems like a blur! I try to think about what my most imactful moment was to share, and I have a hard time choosing. I think about the group and what I think is touching their hearts the most and I realize that everyone's "moments" are different!

After breakfast we went to one of the community schools. We met with the headmaster and brought school supplies for the teachers. As we are sitting around this table, they provide us with bottled water and noticed that we were all sweating so bad, so they started scrambling around for fans. They were bending over backwards for us. A gal named Sally in our group asks amazing questions, so she starting inquiring details about the school, the teachers, the students. You could tell that she was enjoying the "moment". In the mean time, I am still processing the fact that they have so little at this school, yet they broke out 10 water bottles for us. I knew they needed that water more than I did, but you better believe that I drank it(yes, it was safe water) It is hard to be on the reciving end of things sometimes, but I was not about to rob them of this "moment".

We then took one of the students who has just recently been placed in Theary's orphanage back to her home so we could meet her family. She wants to go school, but her family cannot afford it and they need her to work to help provide for the family. They had heard about Theary's orphanage and asked for help. The young girl is now in school with hopes for a future. As we drove toward her home, I saw her eyes light up as she sotted her house in the distance. She waved to her friends along the road that she is now distanced from, but she also had this joy in her eyes. We arrived and greeted her parents. She didn't appear to be sad. She was proud and excited for this opportunity! I felt so blessed to be able to share her "moment"!

Another gal in our group is a photographer. She is married but does not have any children and she had shared with me that in the past kids have made her uncomfotable at times. She just doesn't know what to do with them.Well, because she is here with me, we have an entire day that is mainly focused on the school and the orphange, so unfortunately she was going to be surrounded with kids all day. Of course, at the beginning of the day, one of the small kids grabbed her hands and wanted her to run down the path with her. Aimee let her guard down and went with the flow and I could just see in her smile that she was enjoying her "moment".

Moments are what revive me and give me such incredible joy! It has been great to remove myself from MY life for a week to remember to enjoy "moments" both here and when I get back home!

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