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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Happy Birthday...Again!

 So for the second year in a row, Alyssa gets to spend her birthday in Haiti!  Maybe not how some kids would want to turn 14, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.  She got to spend the day in clinic with me being my nurse!  She got to write down all the problems, exam, and orders for the pharmacy that I dictated to her.  She did a great job catching on- and her handwriting is much better than mine!  We took turns between her, a nurse named Amanda, and I praying for the patients.  She really gets it.  I mean she truly understands what people need and why we are here and how to pray for them.  The whole trip is worth hearing Alyssa pray over these patients pouring her heart out to God for them.  Thank goodness her mom is always on it!  I didn’t even think to get her a present because I thought the trip was present enough even though she paid for a portion of it herself.  But mom came through with a perfect little gift left in my bag for Alyssa.  We sang happy birthday at breakfast and at devotion tonight.  I snagged a leftover piece of fruit pizza from the fridge as her cake!  They say 2 times is a pattern and 3 is a tradition, so I told Alyssa she can come back every year from now on to make it a birthday tradition.  What a great kid her mom has raised!
So the highlight of the day was our third to last patient.  I think I saw about 40 kids plus a few adults today which is a really good day at home.  Considering the time for translation and praying, it was pretty hoppin.  I was beat when we finished.  We didn’t save anyone’s life today, but God worked in a number of situations that we prayed through.  Lots of dads not around, moms who have left or can’t take care of their babies, lots of newborns that are healthy and doing great but the mom just wants them checked out to be sure!  But our third to last one got me.  It was 4:15pm.  I asked when she got to clinic this morning.  She said 5am with a smile on her face like no big deal!  Her 1 year old had an ear infection which we can treat pretty easily.  Cute kid.  Christian mom.  We ask every patient what we can pray about, so this mom says, “I want to pray for you doctor, and your family”!  What??? That is crazy!  Live in a tent, don’t know where your next meal will come from, have to care for your kid somehow, but you want to pray for the American doctor who is there to serve you?  These are the kind of people you meet down here in Haiti.  And that is why Alyssa and I continue to want to come back!
For Him,

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