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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Medical Team in Haiti

Every time I leave home for a mission trip I ask myself why
I am going.  There are lots of different
answers, most important being that God has called me to go.  I often get more out of the trips than I give.  I spend more real quality time with the Lord.  The people we serve lift my spirits and renew my faith.  I love spending time with the other people on the trip as well.  The lasting relationships that you gain from seeing people year after year on the mission field are special.  Then there are the Haitian, Nicaraguan, and Cambodian people that you work with and love on!  That is what makes it all worthwhile!  So sorry office for making you work harder while I’m gone.  Sorry Jaime for leaving
you alone with 4 kids to taxi for 10 days.  Sorry kids for missing 10 days of your life while I’m on “vacation” in 90 degree weather!  And thank you all for allowing me to serve the Lord this next week in Haiti.
We made it here safe after an extra hour at the gate with computer problems on the plane which is always what you want to hear when you are getting ready to fly a thousand miles over water! We got to the airport and started going through customs which is usually
uneventful.  We were the last flight of the night and the last bags of the night.  The Haitian customs officials obviously didn’t have anywhere to be tonight because they decided to look through every one of our bags.  They wanted money to let things by.  Something about you have to clear it with the government to bring prescription meds into the country.  That has never been the case in the 25 years this team has been coming!  So after a
few choice works under our breath, we prayed it up knowing that God was with
us.  There were 49 bags to go through, so we did our best to put a 4-5 bags on the table at a time and act like they had already been through a couple of them and were finished.  The head hancho wasn’t about to let it go that easily though.  He kept asking what
the different meds were for.  He asked if he could take some of them, to which we replied sure, thinking it would get us through.  So he wanted an advil bottle
and a prostate medicine!  He obviously didn’t know what it was for, so one of our team asked if he was pregnant because that medicine was for pregnant women(which it isn’t!) and so he put it back down and laughed, took his advil and let us through!
Great start to our week!  I’m blessed to have Alyssa here again with me this year, and for her
birthday again!  We also have Terry our kids pastor from church with us.  Tomorrow we get to start building the house for the twins that Clown Peds sponsors.  Can’t wait!
We talked about Phil 3 tonight at devo which we certainly used today- Do not be anxious about anything, but with prayer and supplication, and thanksgiving, bring your requests to the Lord.  I definitely have His Peace that passes all understanding!
In Him,


  1. I hope my package didn't cause any further stress (and thank you SO much for being willing to help me out)! Praying for a less-stressful but completely God-driven rest of your trip!
    ~Breanne S

  2. Thank you for sharing your life and talents with those in need! Bryce, Timio and the rest of our family will be praying for you, the team, your family, and the people you are serving this week! Be safe and may God bless you!

    "Jesus, I thank you for Jeremy and his servants heart! I come before you asking for safety, opportunities to share your love, and for open hearts and minds of the Haitian people! In Jesus bam I pray, Amen! "