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Monday, February 4, 2013


Yesterday was my birthday, and it was awesome that I got to spend it here in Haiti! To be honest I totally forgot that I was turning thirteen until my parents got up, hugged me and gave me a hot pink ribbon that said "Birthday Girl". We spent the morning at a four hour church service singing and praising God. They introduced the newcomers and we sang a lot of songs. One of our missionaries, Heidi, got up and sang the Lord's Prayer in her beautiful opera voice that amazed us all. Our sponsored kids even showed up for the church service with their mother, Patricia. I talked with the kids and they were all pointing at my birthday bow. They were so cute! I wish I could take them all home. Later that day, we took a bus to the beach where we relaxed after all our hard work we had done the past couple of days. We took a small handmade canoe to the island and we walked around collecting shells. When we got back, I got to try coconut milk. The man used a machete to cut it open and you sip it straight from the coconut. I talked with a lot of my friends and we had a great time. After our devotions that night, everyone surprised me with a cake and colorful streamers and other decorations. They even sang to me in Haitian Creole! I will never forget celebrating my thirteenth birthday in Haiti!!!!


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