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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Code Red Dew

         We had a chance to see our other set of twins yesterday!  Surprise, they have an older sister who is 6 named Fedna.  Their names are Federline and Federlynn.  Their mom was very tiny and had to walk an hour to come and see us!  At first the little boy was afraid of me.  After the experience with our other twin boy I thought maybe it's a guy thing in Haiti, but he warmed up to us and let us hold him and played with his cars!  The little girl loved her hat and jewelry and dolls!  We almost cried as they walked off - mom holding one twin and the 6 year old holding the other one- knowing they had an hour walk home.  Hopefully we can visit them on Friday.  The dad was killed in the earthquake and their house was destroyed, so they have a temporary house right now.  It is great knowing that the kids will have a chance to go to school and learn about Jesus.  Their mom loves the Lord, so they have a good start!  You hear this same story every day here in Haiti.  There is so much need you want to sponsor everyone.  (We saw a set of triplets which is unheard of here in Haiti.  One year old and all healthy!  It took all I had to not agree to sponsor them right then.)  What a blessing from God to take care of a widow and be a part of God's plan!
Jaime did mobile clinic today where we pack up a truck with supplies and go to a church/school out in the middle of nowhere and treat all the surrounding people who can't make it to Grand Goave.  She cleaned teeth on a bench using a school desk to sit on.  She cleaned like 20 people's teeth and even got to pull a few!  I think her hand is going to fall off.  Alyssa and I get to go mobile tomorrow.
I saw close to 60 patients today from 1 week old to 40 years!  It's funny how you never get tired until they are all finished.  God gives you strength and energy when you don't have any more to give.  That is even with a translator slowing you down and praying with every patient!  And with no code red mountain dew or caffeine of any kind!  God is awesome!

In His strength,

Jeremy, Jaime, and Alyssa

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