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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sponsored blessing

Keysha and Keyshawn
I felt like I was at the office today seeing 3 year olds!  Three year old Haitian twins are just like those in the states.  The little girl let us hold her, and Jaime carried her all the way to her house.  Keyshawn, however, cried the minute he saw me and would not even give a high five as we left! Today was the day that the team was given the opportunity to meet their sponsored kids. Only 1 set of our twins came today, but it turned out ok since we were able to go to their house!  They were absolutely adorable.  Their dad has left and the mom has no job.  They live with their grandma and aunt a few blocks from the school and clinic.  We got a chance to meet the entire family-aunts and cousins from all over.  We were swarmed the minute we entered the house.  It broke our hearts that we couldn't sponsor the entire gang.  The mom was very thankful when we told her she now had an entire new family from our office from the United States.  We told her we would take care of them like they were our own children!  Keysha loved the barbie and baby doll.  Keyshawn clung to the car and football. (Even though they have no idea what an american football is, it was the one toy that our boys had to send with us). We will get to see them again on Friday.  Hopefully our other family with twins will come on Monday so we can meet them as well.  What a blessing to be able to be a part of this new family.  We told them our job is to help raise them to love Jesus, and mom agreed.  With all of our prayers, hopefully she will bring the kids to church and get involved.

In Him,

Jeremy, Jaime, and Alyssa

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