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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Going Mobile

           So I got to go Mobile yesterday.  And I mean really mobile.  It was by far the highlight of the trip!  We were in Deuxieme Plaines, that may be how it's spelled, about 40 minutes from Grand Goave.  There was an awesome team complete with Alyssa and some of the other teenagers.  We finished early and asked the pastor who is also the headmaster of the school if there was anyone else to see.  Then Chris Hartman, an ER doc from St. Francis, thought or is there anyone who can't come to clinic that we can go and see?  He immediately thought of three people who are sick and haven't been to church in a few weeks.  Later I asked him how many people were in his church, and he answered 700!  And he knew all of them!  And where they lived, which isn't just around the corner!  So we drove the bus and pulled off to the side of the road.  The team got out and crossed the street, climbed up a hill to help a lady who had fallen and had severe back pain.  All we had to offer her were pain meds, but that should get her back on her feet.  The second stop took us about 10 minutes off the road, through a dry river bed, to an authentic Haitian house in the countryside.  We met an 80 year old man who had been sick for a month with fever and pains all over.  We gave him antibiotics and pain/fever meds which may or may not work, but it felt good to serve.  The last stop was halfway up a mountain and over a makeshift bridge across what seemed to be a grand canyon gorge!  Sticks and tin with some dirt packed together- a one person at a time walk for sure.  We gave more antibiotics and pain meds to an 85 year old man who prior to that was walking up and down that same mountain.  We then treated all 20 of the neighbors including their pig for worms and gave them vitamins!  It was beautiful and exhilarating and humbling all at once.  Besides being out of shape, I realized that is what I would love to do!  Let me know who is coming with me!  We just carried a bag of meds to the people who needed it most.  We weren't sure if that was allowed, but thought it better to ask for forgiveness than permission!  
           Alyssa was awesome today!  She took gifts to newborn babies around the town, which are abundant.  She got to pray with about 50 of them.  She then spent some time with me in clinic seeing patients.  I asked her to pray for one of the patients at the end of the visit, and she nailed it!  I was so proud of her!
           Jaime's hand is about to fall off.  She will have bruises for weeks from working so hard!  She has some great stories to tell about Haitians wanting braces and whitening- on their lone tooth.  And hitting on her!

One more night under the stars!

For Him Alone,

Jeremy, Jaime, and Alyssa

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