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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Internet troubles

Sorry you haven't heard from us.  We have had internet problems at our last 2 hotels and couldn't log on.  We can get an email and send one sometimes but it is off and on.  Today we travel to Pnom Penh where things should be better.  We certainly get spoiled with our I-phones and American amenities.  It is actually kind of nice to not be on the phone all the time and checking e-mails, but we want to keep you all updated on the ministry here!

We visited 2 orphanages yesterday- SKO and K&K.  Neither are Christian organizations, but some of the girls in the program at the Culinary Institute (Cooking program) come from there.  Chris is trying to find ways to help the orphanages as well.  There is a mushroom project at one as well as a big fish tank where they are trying to raise fish for food and to sell.  They need a filter for the pond and Chris is trying to figure out a way to help with it.  Please pray for wisdom.  The other orphanage has made some furniture that the Culinary Center has used and they will have more for their new restaurant slated to open next month.  Be in prayer for the girls and Ryanna their live in American chef as they embark on a new adventure.  We ate there yesterday and had a fabulous meal served by the girls in the program.  We visited one of the girls homes and saw what it is like to live here.  The poverty is humbling and devastating.  You want to help everyone you see, but you can only do so much.  The mother of the girl sells fruit at the market daily 6 days a week and makes maybe 1-2 dollars a day.  She served us all fruit when we got there- probably her whole days pay worth!  She is Buddhist like almost everyone else here.  We had the chance to pray with the family before leaving!  Hopefully the spirit of God can work in her life as well as her daughters through this ministry.

We stopped at a silk farm yesterday to see how it is made.  Very labor intensive and tedious.  We figured out the girls make 70 cents per hour to work there 8 hours a day 6 days a week.  It is a monotonous job but decent pay for the country.  They had very beautiful hand made silk products.  It gives you a new sense for the cost of "hand-made" items.

I could write for hours, but we have to go eat again!  The girls are making us breakfast at the new restaurant, complete with smoothies!

Please pray for health.  A couple of people in the group have been sick the last few days.  Short but not fun.  We are staying super busy- a lot to see and process-an emotional roller coaster for sure.  Thanks for your prayers!

In Christ,

Jeremy and Jaime

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  1. Wow! Sounds so interesting and heart-wrenching. I'm praying that you will know the peace of God within yourselves as you see things you want to change, but know you can't. We're having pretty mild weather here - supposed be 50 degrees today. What's up with that? -k