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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Preacher man

I had one of the coolest experiences of my life today.  I got to preach to 100 Cambodian people at church!  What an awesome experience!  We truly serve an amazing God!  We drove to the dock first and boarded 50 year old wooden boat to ride across to an island where the church meets.  There are about 300 people on the island and there is no running water or electricity.  Service started at 8 and ran for a little over 2 hours which is short for them.  We planned on 4 hours!  You take your shoes off before you enter the sanctuary.  They sing most of the service, people come up and give testimonies, and then any new person is asked to preach.  The pastor wasn't there today, but he usually shares after that.  They don't have Cambodian christian music, so we sang the same songs as in america!  Lord I lift your name on high, our God is an awesome God.  Kids are running around outside after their childrens church.  People get up and go to the restroom just like at our church.  Some even talk during the service, discussing what is going on.  They have a keyboard, electric guitar, and drum set all run off of a generator.  2 people sing.  It is not a production at all but just a worship service to honor God.  We were so humbled yet again at their hospitality and happiness!  We know where these folks happiness comes from though- our one true God!

What a great way to end our trip here.  We are getting ready to leave for the airport.  24 hours to reflect and process.  We can't wait to see you all, but we hate to leave these wonderful girls and people!  It is becoming clearer where we can fit in, so thank you all for praying for us!

Because of Him,


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