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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Getting my Feet Wet

First day of clinic- I saw about 15 children and a few 30 year olds.  A lady who is pregnant, some ear infections, and one child who is moderately malnourished.  I am told the heavy stuff will come next week.  The clinic is able to provide food for families who are struggling.  We give vitamins to everybody who comes in.  They don’t have Tylenol for fevers or headaches, so we are able to help a great deal in the short term with pain and discomfort.  What a blessing to be able to help kids in simple ways that we take for granted.  In Haiti, as in most third world countries,  you can’t see a doctor unless you can pay for it!  Surgeries are out of the question for most of these people.  There is a doctor at the clinic who can take lesions off and do minor surgeries for these people who would otherwise have to just live with it.  Everything is free!  Every few years a general surgeon comes down who can do hernia surgeries as well as some more complex things.  There is an optometrist here fitting people for glasses, and helping them see for the first time in a long time for most of them.  Most importantly, as they leave with their new glasses, she prays for them that they can really SEE what God has done for us.  It was a great first morning in Haiti!

For Him,

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