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Sunday, February 26, 2012


Saturday the sponsored children came to meet their sponsors.  Many of these kids have been sponsored for many years by the group that comes down, so they know the whole family.  Even after they graduate out of the program, they still have a sweet relationship with their sponsors.  Sponsors bring gifts down including food, clothing, balls, dolls, and toys.  These are the only clothes some of these kids get all year.  Shipments are made quarterly from the states with care packages.  You can see the joy in the faces of these children as they run to meet their sponsor and jump into their arms!  They are getting a Christian education and have food every day as well as medical care.  Some of the sponsors have built houses for their sponsored children’s families.  $4500 can build an earthquake proof house for a family.   You can actually help build the house while you are here.  The steel rebar used is made on site at Lifeline.  The block is made here, and the roof is cut out.  Lifeline workers then help build a foundation with the family helping dig and haul sand and gravel for the concrete mixing.  At the end of the week, these houses will be dedicated  and prayed over so God can help to sustain the families.  That is what I call taking care of a family.  Some family friends of ours had the opportunity to build a house a few years ago.  They had some extra money from a few insurance claims and some other things came through, and they didn’t know what to do with it.  They prayed for a way that God could use it instead of them spending it on something.  The amount came out to just the right number to build a house with Lifeline, so they sent it down and changed the lives of a family forever!  That is inspiring!  God will bless them infinitely more for spending His money on His Kingdom.  What a selfless and kind act-not surprising though given the wonderful family in the first place.  I pray the Holy Spirit would lead some of you to bless a family by sponsorship or go together on a house-maybe even come down to help on it!

For Him,

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