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Monday, February 27, 2012


There is something to be said about praying with someone else for their needs.  It is hard when you can't see the end result, but challenging to make it real and encouraging with 40-50 patients a day.  We pray with each family after we treat them.  Many times I get to see a mom and 2-3 kids at one time.  I haven't seen anything jaw dropping yet, but I am amazed at the Haitian people.  We don't have a ton of meds, but we give away all that we do have.  All the things we have readily available at home are luxuries here and too expensive even if they did have them for most of the people here.  I have learned a few Creole phrases!  I had 2 kids who I couldn't get to smile today-probably the most frustrating event of the day.  The clinic was full at 6am of people wanting to be seen.  They waited there some until 5pm when we finished seeing them!  And no complaining at all.  The patience and gratitude the Haitian people show is inspiring.  Although I wouldn't ask any of my patients at home to wait 10 hours to see me, it really shows how important the time you do spend with them is.  I wish we could pray with each of our patients at home too!  We are all exhausted tonight!  A great day for the Lord.  I am continually impressed with the staff and veterans and how they give all the credit to God for everything we do.  I get to go mobile tomorrow.  We are taking a team to a school 30 minutes away and treating everybody who can't make it to our clinic.  Pray that I can remember all my adult medicine from med school!  Unfortunately that is all these people will get!  The best part of the day was praying with a woman who has fallen away from the church.  I spoke with her about how Jesus forgives us over and over for all the wrong things we do.  Every sin we commit is forgiven if we just ask Him.  I prayed for her children saying that God has blessed her with them and given her the responsibility to raise them and teach them about Jesus every chance she gets.  I pray that we will all remember that with our own families!

For Him,

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  1. You can pray with us any time we're in your office. :). lOVE what you're doing there. Will pray you remember adult medicine! :)