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Sunday, February 26, 2012


We saw a girl from the Lifeline orphanage on Saturday with large dangling keloids on both earlobes.  They looked like ear rings literally!  Dr. Bill numbed them and removed them with only local anesthetic in the clinic.  She did great lying very still the whole time.  She also got glasses while she was there.  What a life changing day for a 12 year old abandoned Haitian girl!  She saw Jesus love in a different way than ever before.  She has always been beautiful in Gods eyes, but now she can be beautiful in her own mirror as well.  Praying for each child is as rewarding as fixing their problem.  They don’t really need us- they need a Savior!  Lifeline gives these kids and their families a wonderful opportunity to attend church and hear the Gospel as well.  There are at least 3 or 4 churches they sponsor in the area.  Many young people in their schools go on to become pastors and work in the churches.  Lifeline gives these kids and their families hope for a better tomorrow.  In the US, we all have that opportunity and hope.  We are in the top 1% of the entire world!  Our poor and homeless have it better than the middle class here.  Hope starts with each one of us-right now.  Please pray with me for that hope to be spread and ways to spread it!

For Him,

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