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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


So what a cool experience today.  We took a bin of meds and supplies to a church sponsored by Lifeline today.  We got there at 8am and there were 30 people sitting in the pews already.  Miriam was our Haitian nurse and was a blessing.  She got everyone lined up and in order for us.  We saw about 70 patients in 6 hours!  I saw all of the children and their moms/grandmas and a couple of our nurses took care of the other adults with my help as they needed me.  We were in the back room of their church which is open air in the front.  The room has no tables and about 10 chairs.  We used a desk and small stand to write on.  An old cardboard was placed on top of some chairs to make a pharmacy.  That is how everything works here-we just make due with whatever we have and improvise.  We treated a lot of skin infections and high blood pressure along with some urinary tract infections.  These women are amazing.  We sent her out to pee in a cup and she came back in, no joke, 2 minutes with a full cup.  She just went around the corner and peed in the open air!  I have seen 3 or 4 women who are taking care of another baby whose mother died!  They are raising someone elses child instead of sending them to an orphanage!  The love these people show is inspiring.  I danced with a 10 year old boy and sang bible songs.  We pray with each patient as they leave, but today an old man prayed for all of us instead! 
We got to go back to church at the same place tonight.  One of our group preached a great sermon on how deep and wide and long and high God's love is.  I saw the pastors child in clinic yesterday, so he remembered me.  They had 4 women and 4 men sing a song, you're all I need, in english.  It was neat to see them trying to relate to us.  Then we came back to the house for brownies and ice cream!  We are really roughing it! 
God is doing some amazing things here.  Wish you all could see it!

For Him,


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