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Sunday, February 26, 2012


Sorry I haven't been able to blog yet since we arrived in Haiti.  It was a long flight but very enjoyable as a group of 33!  People came from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Oregon and met up at Chicago or Miami to come down all together.  We each had 2 duffle bags- 50 pounds each full of medical supplies and food and clothing for the kids down here.  That is over 3000 pounds of supplies!  Thanks to some of you who helped donate to that cause.  We loaded on a big yellow school bus and they put most of the luggage on the top and tied it down.  Hot and sweaty 2.5 hours later we arrived at the compound.  it is 7 acres of school, medical area, church, multiple storage areas, and mechanical building.   They have over 1400 kids at the school, who get a hot lunch and free medical care!  All sponsored for just $35/month per child.  We had the opportunity to meet the sponsored children yesterday.  The sponsors all brought gifts for them and got to visit with them.  We went to one of their houses- 4 year old twins.  They live 30 minutes away by a rough car ride up in the mountain on dirt and gravel roads.  they have to walk to school (one hour) most days but sometimes take a motorcycle that they have to pay for just to get a good education at Lifeline.  The gratitude and happiness of the people is amazing.  A pair of shoes or a soccer ball is the best gift in the world.  They don't care about iphones or playstations- food is their biggest worry. 
We got to participate in 2 days of clinic friday and saturday.  I got to see some kids with minor ailments but nothing too bad yet.  We really start in tomorrow seeing the majority of patients!  Please pray for us as we try to help these people out while we are here.  Lots of people come in just because we are here, not because their child is super sick but just so we can check them over!  It is sweet to see them.  Most importantly we get to pray with each family as we discharge them and ask for Jesus to bless their lives and touch their hearts.

Sorry I am rambling but there is a ton on my mind since i haven't been able to get to a computer yet since being here.  I am at an internet cafe where you pay to use the computer and internet.  I will try to get more info back to you daily now,  We will do a mobile clinic where we go to a Lifeline church 30-60 minutes away and take care of some families that can't get to our clinic.  I am amazed at the group that comes here!  They all have a heart for the Haitian people and are following God every step.  They all say that we get more from the Haitian people than we give and I can see that already.  What a loving and caring people.  They share everything they have with their neighbors.  They don't take advantage of them, but show Christ's love through their actions.
 Janie and I are having a great time.  We have worked with each other a little, but are usually with a veteran and split up.  I have my smiley face hat which has gone over well so far.  Just like home!
God keeps telling me that if only one person gets saved from a trip like this then it is worth it.  I continue to think that everyone needs to come on at least one mission trip to see how other people live and how God works all over the world. 
Thanks for praying for us!  Keep it up.  God is at work as usual changing lives!

In Him,


  1. Amazing work you guys are doing there! I will keep you and everyone in my prayers! I look forward to reading your blog!

  2. I love reading about your trip and will absolutely keep praying. From my experience with third-world mission trips, I know the need can seem overwhelming, but I just kept telling myself "whatever you do for the least of these, you do for me". It's always worth it, even when the need is so great! So glad you went!